Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A gift of Salmon

Tom of the excellent blog, The Angels In Order, asked me to send him a list of my Tim Salmon collection to see if he had any extras that I lacked.  Turns out he had a few that I didn't.  How on earth did I not have a 1995 Topps card of Salmon?!

As if that wasn't gracious enough, Tom also went through my Want Lists and found several cards I needed for various sets I'm collecting.  I am now able to cross off several 2012 GQ commons along with a few from 2012 Archives and 2008 UD Timelines.


I wanted this Upton card because 1) I'm collecting the set and 2) I love 3D cards.  Never thought he'd be a Brave that makes this card that much cooler now.  I got burnt out with the flagship Topps brand last year so by the time the Updates & Highlights set came out I only bought one or two packs.  I liked the one Cut Above card that I pulled from the lone pack I bought and wanted more, I just didn't want to buy more packs.  I'm slowly beginning to put together this set and I love the subtle die-cut design.  We need more die-cut baseball cards again.  Pacific...where are you?

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  1. Always glad to help with a collection, especially a Salmon collection.