Saturday, May 25, 2013

Now that the 2013 NFL Draft is complete let's do a football group break featuring 2013 Score (Hobby Jumbo that's LOADED)

** UPDATE ** 
Box has been ordered, 05/28/13.  I'll leave the team sign ups open for a few more days.  If the break doesn't fill up we'll still do it, but I get to do what I please with the unclaimed teams.

As much as I love baseball, the NFL is a mighty juggernaut that just can't be stopped.  Football is quickly becoming the sport that everyone talks about year round.  I know I was excited about this year's NFL Draft and now that it's over some new 2013 football products are starting to release.  I thought about doing a box or two of Topps Archives, but then I checked out 2013 Score and the hobby only jumbo boxes are absolutely loaded!  Check it out:

Each Score Jumbo Box contains Three Autographs/Memorabilia Cards, Fifty Rookies, Ten Hot Rookies, and Ten Parallels!
Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Score Football with Rookie Cards inspired by the landmark 1989 design!
The first officially licensed 2013 Rookie Cards with updated draft information. Rookie Cards fall five per hobby jumbo!
At least two autographs per box!
Find Road to the Super Bowl subset featuring the Super Bowl Champions!
Look for the 1st official Rookie Cards & Rookie Cards Autographs!
25TH ANNIVERSARY: 110 Rookies, five per pack, based on the 1989 Score design, updated to reflect drafted team & round information, look for limited Black & Purple parallels.
HOT ROOKIE SIGNATURES: Combination of their new pro uniforms along with their 1st rookie card signatures will certainly makes these cards the
early highly prized chase cards of the season, look for rare Showcase, Artist's Proof & Showcase Artist's Proof versions.
ROOKIE SIGNATURES: The 1st autographs of the incoming 2013 Draft Class within weeks of the draft.
Printing Plates: Look for 1 of 1 Printing Plates of the Commons, Subsets, Rookies & Hot Rookies.
Hot Rookies: The top picks of the 2013 draft are featured in their new pro uniform, one per Hobby Jumbo. Look for Hobby limited Showcase, Artist's Proof & Showcase Artist's versions.
Inscriptions: Current stars (Peyton Manning/Adrian Peterson) & rising stars (Colin Kaepernick/Andrew Luck) are featured in this limited autograph insert.
10 Packs Per Box, 50 Cards Per Pack


I think Panini has done an excellent job "upgrading" the Score brand from previous years.  If we act now we can bust on jumbo box using a 2 team per slot format.

16 two team slots available.  Pick one team of your choice.  Once all the slots have been filled, then the unclaimed teams will be randomly assigned to all participants.  Each two team slot will only cost you $10.00 shipped!  Pretty good, huh?  To sweeten the deal I'll send each participant extra cards of the team you choose.  There might even be some extra loose packs tossed into the break.

  1. Now I'm asking if you are interested in this break to claim your team and make your payment immediately. To claim your first team please leave a comment in this post with your choice.
  2. Send your gift payment via PayPal to:  cardboardcollections @ yahoo . com
  3. Please also e-mail me your mailing address to the same e-mail above.
  4. The faster we can get this filled up the faster we can get to breaking!
If you have any questions please let me know.  Of course if we don't get enough interest in this break I'll gladly refund everyone's money.

01) Carolina Panthers (Cardboard Collections) (PAID)
02) Houston Texans (Matt Pederson) (PAID)
03) Green Bay Packers (Josh D.) (PAID)
04) San Diego Chargers (Underdog Cards) (PAID)
05) Philadelphia Eagles (daddyohoho) (PAID)
06) San Francisco 49ers (Brian Conrad) (PAID)
07) Denver Broncos (Josh D.) (PAID)
08) Dallas Cowboys (Play at the Plate) (PAID)
09) Minnesota Vikings (Play at the Plate) (PAID)
10) Washington Redskins (Cardboard Hogs) (PAID)
11) Pittsburgh Steelers (NY Hitman 23) (PAID) 


  1. Replies
    1. Payment made. I also included my new address with the payment, so send it to that address. Thanks!

  2. Packers, please.
    I might take a second slot, too. Will have to talk to the wife about that today. :-)

    I was thinking about buying a box of this, so this will help me quench my "Pack Busting Jones" without all the cost! :-)


  3. I will take the eagles. Thanks.

  4. Ill go for the 49ers. Thanks

    1. You got it. Please pay this weekend.

    2. Did u receive my payment? I sent it through PayPal yesterday. It would be from bconrad04. I also sent an email with shipping info from same username and it is a yahoo account. Please let me know if you received these. Thanks

  5. I think I will take a 2nd slot:
    Denver Broncos, please.

    Will pay soon.

  6. All paid up Brian, thanks for the support.

  7. Colbey, it's been a long time, but put me down for the Cowboys and the Vikings. Money coming...

  8. i've been out of the loop a little bit, but would love to have the Redskins if they are still available!

    i can pay this morning/afternoon.


  9. Steelers please! Payment has been sent! Thanks!