Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Group Break Update feat. Panini Unwrapped (2013 Score NFL)

So most of you know that my next Affordable Group Break contains one 10 pack/50 cards per pack Jumbo Hobby box of 2013 Score NFL Football.  I was already super excited about the breaking the box as a host, but then Tracy Hackler of Panini had to do one of their box break videos that has me even more excited.

I decided to share the video here just in case you were on the fence of whether to sign up for my break or not.  One pack of this at your LCS will set you back at least $10 (assuming it's not marked up).  So why not save your $10 and put it towards the break where you get to choose 1 team and have 2nd team randomized?!

Looks fun, huh?  Panini has really amped up the Score brand for 2013 and I can't wait to get ripping.  UPS says the box will be delivered on Friday.  My wife's birthday is Saturday and I know I'm going to be busy, but I'm going to aim for busting the box Friday evening.  If there was enough interest I could try to do the video LIVE via UStream.  I've never done that before, but I'm always willing to give it a try.  Otherwise I'll upload the video to my YouTube account for all to watch while I craft a blog post with the contents.

The 2nd team randomization will occur as soon as possible.  I want everyone to have a chance to trade your assigned team so just bear with me.  If you haven't signed up yet, you still have time...but don't delay!  Click HERE for all the details.


  1. Steelers, Falcons, Ravens, Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Patriots, Saints are among the big-name teams still available. What's everybody waiting for???? :-)