Friday, May 17, 2013

New TV purchase = free MLB.TV Premium subscription!

Late last week I was told by my former employer that I was being sent a "thank you" check for my time served.  The company I worked for was bought out at the beginning of last month.  Of course I thought this was a nice gesture and all, but I wasn't sure how much the check would be.  Well Monday rolled around and when I checked the mail there was an envelope from Durham, NC.  I opened it up and my jaw immediately hit the floor!  Let's just say they were more than generous with their gift.

I had heard some months ago when I knew the company was up for sale that there might be some money awarded to all that didn't "jump ship" during their sale.  I had joked to my wife that I'd buy the family a new, nicer TV if that were true.  So what do you think my wife and I did upon seeing this check?  We hit our phones to start researching our pending TV purchase.

I spent A LOT of time online doing my research.  I even talked to a pretty help Best Buy associate about what we wanted in a new TV.  Despite my brothers telling me to buy a Samsung, I ended up buying a very nice LG LED Smart 3D TV last night on Amazon.

Now some of you may be wondering "why is this guy sharing this on his trading card blog?".  Well let me tell you.  I knew one of the pre-loaded apps on the TV was MLB.TV.  I thought cool, but you have to have a subscription so I won't be using that.  Then I found this image last night after I completed my purchase.

LG is running a promo from April 14th to June 8th where if you buy a qualifying TV you get a free Premium subscription to MLB.TV!  Talk about a nice little bonus.  Now living in the upstate of SC I can already watch every Atlanta Braves game thanks to Sports South, however I am kinda excited about being able to watch other games outside of what ESPN and Fox carries in my market.  

I won't be able to travel and visit any other ball parks anytime soon so this is the closest I'll get.  My wife's family is from the New England area and they are big Red Sox fans so perhaps I can tune in a catch a Sox game.  Our local AAA team is the affiliate of the White Sox so if one of the guys I watch play down here gets called up, now I can watch them in the big leagues.

Of course too I'll be able to watch games/players that I've seen on cardboard the last few years.  Perhaps I'll catch Manny Machado play one evening?  Or go out west and see if Pujols is continuing to struggle.  The possibilities are endless!

The rest of our money will be spent on things we need instead of want (like this TV), but I do hope I can entice the wife to let me buy a box of cards.  Perhaps a 2nd box of A&G?  Or maybe I grab a box of Archives.  I liked last year's effort.  Or maybe I'll just focus on getting caught up buying those 2013 singles/parallels/inserts/autos of Tim Hudson that I've yet to find.  Decisions, decisions!