Friday, May 3, 2013

"O" No! Another Trade Post

Sometime last year I posted an interview with Baltimore Orioles second baseman, Brian Roberts.  Shortly there after I decided to add Brain to my already crowded player collection.  I went back through all of my commons and trade stash and found a few of this cards, but nothing spectacular.  I grabbed one or two cheap relics off eBay around the same time.

 photo 5-3-201395002PM_zps1357a2bd.jpg

I don't remember the time table now, but Ryan from "O" No! Another Orioles Blog sent me two team bags full of Brian Roberts cards.  He single handed gave my PC some much needed sustenance.  I grabbed 9 of my favorite cards he sent to share.  Thanks so much Ryan for helping share some Orioles love with this Braves fan!

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