Thursday, July 9, 2020

Box Break - 2020 Panini Prizm

Earlier this week my family I made our way from SC up to KY to visit family stationed at Fort Knox. When we make this trek we usually stop midway to breakup the 8 hour trip. Traveling with young kids having to stop for bathroom breaks is a given. One of these stops once we crossed over from TN into KY was at a Walmart. Of course after I completed my initial business, I checked out the card aisle. Like most pictures I've screen across social media, the section was ravaged...minus a few boxes I spied on the left side of the 4 foot section...

...2020 Prizm!! They had one Mega Box left and a few blasters. I stood there for a moment and contemplated buying the Mega Box, but ultimately decided on one blaster (and one discounted WWE Raw blaster).

As we continued our drive to Fort Knox, I opened the blaster in the car and documented the highlights of each pack via Twitter. On the way back home we stopped back in Knoxville for the night so I had some down time in the hotel room as my wife and kids slept so I thought I'd share those same photos of the cards from the blaster for those who may not converse with the little blue birdie.

I don't usually buy much of the annual shiney cards, but good golly miss molly you can't find any new cards at local Target and Walmart stores these days. If you do, you better buy them up because you're more likely to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster than you are to find more cards! This blaster of 2020 Prizm was my first experience in person with the brand, only catching Nothing If Not Random's post from 07/04/20. I'd much rather buy a blaster of a product that is going to yield more than just 32 cards if I'm paying $20, but I have to give it to Panini as they have put out yet another nice product with the limitations they have to work with.

The packaging said that the Silver Prizms fell roughly two per blaster and I pulled one right off the bat in the first pack. Of course these don't photo well, but most of us know by now just how much the rainbow color pops on these in hand. I figured it would be easy to swap this Kris Bryant for something on my want lists too.

The last card in the 2nd pack was this Lumber Inc. insert of J.D. Martinez. Of course the Prizm parallels of these look even better, but I remember some of the inserts from previous years of Prizm and I have to say Panini has stepped up their game. This particular insert set doesn't knock my socks off, but it's nice and I'm sure I can find a Red Sox trading partner.

The 3rd pack yielded these two young guys. I'm not a prospector and never have been, so I really don't know much about Luis Robert other than a lot of collectors seem to be going crazy over his RCs so I guess this is a good pull. The next card in the pack was another of these Now on Deck, but the Prizm parallel of Jo Adell. Again, this is another name I'm not familiar with, but a quick Google search seems to have him ranked the 3rd highest prospect going into this shortened 2020 baseball season.

The next pack had this Javier Baez Brilliance insert hiding at the bottom of the stack. It's nice to see some color since the base cards are basically all silver and black. I can only imagine how much the Prizm version of these cards pop with that colored background. I hope once I get back from from this road trip I'll get to see first hand as I picked up two different Prizms of Charlie Blackmon from this insert set.

The next few packs didn't have anything that really stood out to me, but the last pack did yield this non-serially numbered Green Prizm. I'll say it again...the colored Prizm cards pop so much in hand and are just beautiful. I may have to track down a few of these different Prizms of some guys for my PCs.

Speaking of guys I collect, the last pack I opened was an 8 card bonus pack. These are exclusive to the blasters and contain 4 Purple Prizms and 4 White Wave Prizms. While the Purple parallels are equally as nice as the Green I pulled earlier, I was really happy to find this Freddie Freeman sitting in the stack.

I didn't photograph any of the other Purple or any of the White Wave Prizms as it was hard to get good photos while driving down the road, but I was impressed enough w/ this blaster that I picked up another on the way home! I may have even grabbed a few more things while I was at a Walmart, but I'll save those for later.

All in all I like what I have seen. I'm still on the fence when it comes to buying more for myself, but it was a fun rip on an otherwise boring car ride in the middle of nowhere!


  1. I think there are like 30 different parallels in this set, so many colors and patterns! You're sure to find something at a decent price of the guys you collect.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks a nice mid-trip break. They look like pretty nice cards!

  3. The Illumination inserts look pretty good. Of course pulling a Freddie helps.

  4. Prizm seems to be smoking hot when it comes to basketball and football. Are flippers hoarding baseball Prizm too? Is this stuff on fire?

  5. I'm impressed you were able to find some new cards. This is my first peek at Prizm, thanks for sharing.