Saturday, July 18, 2020

Group Break Results - 1994 Fleer Flair & 2020 Panini Prizm

After taking a week off from hosting breaks, we were back at it again last night with a box of 1994 Fleer Flair Series 2 and two Mega Boxes of 2020 Panini Prizm. If you missed the live stream, here is a quick recap from the boxes.

Since the Prizm break completely sold out we'll start here. Each Mega Box contained 8 packs each with 4 cards plus one bonus 12 card pack full of 3 different parallels. Each box also promised an auto.

We pulled a pretty good selection of base cards as you can see above. Personally I like the base design of Prizm much more this year than last.

There are several insert sets this year including Fireworks, Illumination, Machines, Star Gazing, Top of the Class and Warming in the Pen. These look pretty good, but the Prizm parallels look even better!

Bo Bichette's base RC was pulled, as was this Illumination insert of the Astros' Yordan Alvarez.

Prizm parallel of Gleyber Torres Lumber Inc. and a blue Prizm of Lindor #/199. Both are so beautiful in hand and these images do NOT do them justice.

Also pulled 3 of the silver Prizms: Bryan Abreu (Astros), Dan Vogelbach (Mariners) and CJ Abrams (Padres).

Our two autographs are names I'm not familiar with, but both are RCs so perhaps they'll make a name for themselves soon?

The last pack we opened from each Prizm box was the 12 card bonus pack. These contained 3 different Prizm parallel sets that were exclusive to Mega Boxes.

Teal Wave Prizm

Carolina Blue Prizm

Cosmic Haze Prizm

I asked the question last night in the video which company had the nicest "shiny" cards...Topps with their Refractors or Panini with their Prizms. Several people commented Prizms and I have to agree. While the Cosmic Haze aren't my favorite flavor or Prizm parallels, all of them are super nice in hand.

Next we turned the clock back to 1994. Why 1994 Flair? Well easy, I never opened much of it back in the day. I selected Series 2 for two other reasons as well. 1) Hot Glove inserts and 2) Alex Rodriguez RC. I know the card doesn't carry the same weight that it used to, or that it's not even his best RC, I still thought it would be a fun rip. Unfortunately the sheer amount of work I had to do to rip all that packaging did suck a little of the fun out of the break.

We didn't find the Alex Rodriguez RC until a little more than halfway through the box! I was glad to see it however and I'm sure that Ben who grabbed the Mariners in this break was happy to see it too!

The beautiful Hot Glove insert went to the Minnesota Twins with this nice Kirby Puckett. This is such an awesome early 90's insert set...if they weren't so expensive I've chase them all down.

While Series 1 featured Outfield Power, Series 2 featured Infield Power. Bagwell, Williams, Clark and Piazza...not bad.

The last insert set was Wave of the Future 2. Most of these players sadly didn't pan out. Fleer would use this set for young/prospect players for many years after 1994 and thankfully the design got a little better in subsequent years.

All in all it was another fun break. I really enjoying hosting these. During the week prior to this break I had a little "membership drive" of sorts to get more people in the Facebook group. It seemed to work as we added several new people. Some of these new members asked for football, while others mentioned they were new to baseball or new to breaks in general. Since my recent order won't be here until early next week, I think the next break will be a super cheap baseball break (all teams will most likely be $1 to $2 each with a focus on base cards) and the following week we'll try some football. Keep an eye out for more info. Until then, thanks again to everyone that participated.


  1. I really like the cosmic haze parallels. I finally got one in hand the other day and I think it's a nice alternatively to the traditional solid colors, waves, shimmers and cracked iced.

  2. Thanks for hosting Colbey! I've been waiting for Kevin ginkel to get some cards as I saw his mlb debut in Phoenix last year.

    1. Well good, I'm glad we pulled something you wanted! Thanks for joining in!