Saturday, July 25, 2020

Group Break Results - 1997 Score Premium Stock

This week's break was the definition of affordable...every team was priced at just $2 each! The break filled up pretty quickly letting us get the break underway in our usual Friday night time slot.

1997 Score Premium Stock was a hobby exclusive and basically a parallel set to the standard Score set. Printed on slightly thicker card stock, the white borders were replaced with gray and a big Premium Stock gold foil stamp was added to the card fronts. The box only had 10 packs, but each pack yielded 30 cards.

Showcase Series is a silver foil parallel of the base set...not the Premium Stock base set however. These fell 1:2 packs. We also pulled two Artist's Proof parallels...but somehow I guess I forgot to photograph them before I sorted all the cards...oops.

Randy Johnson's Pitcher Perfect inserts were seeded 1:5 packs and show off some of the pitcher's lighthearted shots.

Highlight Zone were seeded 1:9 packs and feature a nice prismatic like foil background. This particular insert set was new to me as I don't recall pulling any from the regular 1997 Score back in the day.

The Franchise inserts came in two varieties: base (1:17 packs) & glow in the dark (1:79 packs). These ar thicker than your standard card and as such count as two of the 30 cards per pack. It may be hard to tell in my photo, but both the Score logo at the top and the baseball seams on each side of the portrait are embossed. These are the areas that also glow in the dark if you are fortunate to find that version.

This was a small and quick break, but still fun. It seems those who participated were happy with their teams' success. Next week I'm going back to two boxes - one baseball and by popular request, one football. Thanks again for everyone's continued support!

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