Monday, July 11, 2011

Play at the Plate surprise

This isn't exactly a trade post per se, but I figured I'd pitch in since others have been blogging about trade posts and whether they are needed or not.  Brian from Play at the Plate has participated in a few group breaks of mine over the last few months, but we've never really had a formal trade.  I usually throw whatever Rangers I get aside for him and ship them out every so often.

A few days ago I received his payment for my next break and tucked inside the envelope w/ his payment were a few cards along with a note that read "I hope you can use these"...or something to that extent.

2011 Topps Heritage Chrome #C109 (0451/1961)

Prado has been hurt for the last few months in Atlanta and pulling this card out of the envelope made me really miss seeing in out in the field.  I didn't care too much for last year's Heritage design, but I love the chrome versions.

He also threw in the regular and chrome versions of Carlos Perez from 2011 Bowman.  I can't say I know much about this kid, but who am I to complain about free cards?!

2002 Upper Deck Stars of 89 jersey

Wow, this is didn't expect!  Glavine was one of the first players I decided to collect early on.  While I already have this card I don't mind having a duplicate as it's going into the Braves binder like all of my Glavine (and Smoltz) dups.

So there you have it.  Not quite a trade post.  I have a little stack to send in return.  One of these days I'll find the time to actually sit down and go through PatP's want list as well as other bloggers to formulate an official trade, but for the moment I'm more than happy to set aside cards for anyone's favorite team.  Just let me know and I'll start a "pile 'o loot" for you too!

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  1. Hey, how did I miss this awesome post! I'm glad you liked the cards.