Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Stickers!! Hooray!

This is a dual purpose video.  

1) to test out my new webcam
2) share my excitement over new stickers and sticker albums!

Thanks for watching.


  1. Great post.1.The cam works great for both pic/sound,where did you buy it ? Id like to get one.2.Great info on the stickers set,I wanna get a nfl set,if its not to pricey.

  2. Nice video, Colbey. I like the stickers. Your camera was trying to "auto-resize" the window to pick up more/less of you -- that was more annoying than just a steady shot. You should be able to adjust your webcam software so it doesn't do that.

  3. I do need to adjust the camera settings...thanks for letting me know.