Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Freedie Freeman shipped my eTopps order for free!

Well not really.  I didn't see however you can know exchange your eTopps Performance Points to have cards shipped from your portfolio for free.  Being strapped for cash this was great news so I redeemed 6 points and had 3 cards shipped.  I'm hoping my Cam Newton card nets me more Performance Points as I have several more cards I'd love to have shipped for nothing.

2007 Topps eTopps #1186/1739

I forget how beautiful and shiny these cards are until I hold one in hand.  This particular 2007 design works really well.  Now my question is this a recognized RC of his?  Are his Tampa Bay cards not his true RCs?

2008 Topps eTopps Jair Jurrjens #244/699

This has to be the shiniest card I have in my collection hands down!

05-06 Topps eTopps RC

Sometimes being the early bird doesn't pay.  I paid full asking price ($6.50) in 2005 when it was first issued.  Now I'm sure it could be had for a buck or less.  Oh well, live and learn.  At least it's a purdy card.

One last question to those of you who buy eTopps cards.  While the cases they come in are nice I don't always have room for them.  Eventually I'd like to have my PC cards in pages so I'll want the card out of the sealed slab.  What do you do w/ your eTopps?  Sealed or open 'em up?


  1. I've been contemplating having some eTopps shipped to me for a while. I've been buying since 2004 and racked up a ton of points and you're right these cards are awesome in hand!!!

  2. I would imagine his "true" rookie (Josh Hamilton, that is) to be his 1999 cards. But then again, Mark McGwire had a 1985 Topps card that I call his rookie ... and I also call his 1987 cards his rookies as well. So in Hamilton's instance, I think I could call both rookies.

  3. I only have the Cam Newton and Julio Jones cards lol. I just bought them as investments I guess.

  4. I snagged that Newton card too, but after the season I'll probably have it shipped to me.

  5. While I haven't opened up the few eTopps I have, I did open up two of the 2004 Topps Retired autos I have (Jimmy Key and Dave Stieb). Both came in cases like the eTopps but I decided to open them up and put them into my binder with the other Jays autos. I may eventually open up the eTopps too.