Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cardboard Highlights: 1994 Sportflics Javy Lopez Promo

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The next card to be showcased as part of Cardboard Highlights is this 1994 Sportsflics Shakers promo card of Javy Lopez.  I know that lenticular cards don't scan very well which is really unfortunate as I'm a fan of these outdated technology.  This card combines several of my favorite things on one card.  1) Lenticular technology, 2) promo card and 3) Javy Lopez. 

As this card is moved around the image of Javy changes from a simple studio shot to an action shot.  His last name grows and shrinks with each movement.  Even the letters in the round Shakers logo change and give a shaken look.  Of course this is a promo card or sample card as it's labeled so you get big black letters printed diagonally across both the front and back of the card.  To some this would deter from the card's collectibility, but to me it only adds a bit of flair.

The back of the card has the standard 90's look - ugly.  The block lettering used for his name, the gold foil used on the last name only - ugly.  The colors - ugly.  Needless to say I won't be spending too much time looking at the back! 

For me it's the front of the card where all the action is - pun intended.  Funny thing about this card is I've seen this promo version of the insert pop up on eBay way more often than the actual card.  Perhaps one day I'll get the production version to display along side this one.

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