Friday, March 11, 2011

Group Break Team Tally

**3/16/11 UPDATE**
These are the final numbers for each team.  Everyone received a good amount of cards and at least one insert.  Who would have thought going into this that the White Sox would lead the pack with 9 total inserts?!  I hope everyone had a good time and I really appreciate each and everyone of you that participated and helped spread the word of the break on your own blog.  I hope to have everyone's cards in the mail this weekend or the first of next week.

I'm going to keep a running tally of each team's cards so check back often for an updated snapshot of your team or teams performance in the group break.  * Card totals only reflect cards for your designated team.  Any non-claimed cards will be randomed at the end of the break. ** The cards salvaged from the box of Score are not included in these counts.

Opened so far:
- 1994 Fleer - 36 packs
- 1991 Fleer Ultra, 1991 UD, 1992 Fleer, 1992 Topps Kids x7, 1992 UD, 1995 UC3 x2, Cards One Historical Collection
-  Target rack pack, 2002 Topps Hobby, 2003 Topps Hobby, 2005 Topps series 2 x2, 2005 Topps Opening Day x2
- 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Series 1 Jumbo - 20 packs
- 2006 Topps series 2 x4, 2006 Topps Opening Day x4, 2007 UD Future Stars, 2008 UD Documentary x4, 2008 UD First Edition x2, 2008 UD X x3, 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom, 2009 UD First Edition x3

B = Base, I = Insert, H = Hit

Anaheim Angels - B=41, I=1
Atlanta Braves - B=52, I=7
Baltimore Orioles - B=50, I=4
Chicago Cubs - B=49, I=4, H=1
Chicago White Sox - B=37, I=9
Cincinnati Reds - B=45, I=6
Cleveland Indians - B=36, I=4
Colorado Rockies - B=36, I=6
Detroit Tigers - B=44, I=7
Los Angeles Dodgers - B=50, I=7
Milwaukee Brewers - B=37, I=3
New York Mets - B=48, I=4
New York Yankees - B=50, I=5
Philadelphia Phillies - B=45, I=4
San Diego Padres - B=51, I=1
San Francisco Giants - B=50, I=5
Seattle Mariners - B=45, I=4
St. Louis Cardinals - B=50, I=2
Toronto Blue Jays - B=55, I=7

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  1. I think I picked the right secondary team this time and knocked out a good chunk of my Rox needs. Good box.