Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Group Break Participants - Response Needed

** 3/10/11 UPDATE PART 2 **

I hope everyone will be satisfied with this replacement box - 1994 UD Collector's Choice Series 1 Jumbo.  20 cards per pack w/ 3 Signature parallels.  I almost went with different box of Score, but I was afraid of the same thing happening.

** 3/10/11 UPDATE **

I've called the company that I got the boxes from and explained my situation to them.  The operator is going to forward my complaint to the owner and get back to me.  I'm holding off placing an order from the supplier I usually use until I hear back from this other company.  I will get this corrected for everyone since the majority vote is to replace the box.

All that said people will still receive their team's cards out of the box of Score.  Unless you don't want damaged cards I'll be putting them in your team's stack.

Good news - UPS delivered the boxes of cards today for the break.  Bad news - the jumbo packs in the box of Score appeared to be one large block so I cracked one pack and my fears were realized.  All the cards were stuck together.  I tried to shift the stack from side to side carefully to loosen the cards.  It appears that more than half of the cards escaped without any major problems, but several were just too stuck together resulting in the glossy UV coating coming off and taking off specks of the card's image.  The one per pack Gold Rush parallel was a complete and total loss.  On the bright side one of the jumbo exclusive Boys of the Summer insert cards was in this pack and it appeared to be just fine.

I've opened a lot of packs from this era and I've never had cards stick this badly.  I don't know how the rest will turn out, but if this first pack is indicative of the rest it won't be pretty and as a host that makes me feel horrible.  So what I'm asking is for everyone to chime in and let me know what you would like me to do.

1) Order a replacement box of something similar (i.e. another 1994 product)

2) Pick up one or two random discounted blasters from Walmart

3) $2.00 refund ($1.00 refund for each additional team of multiples were claimed)

4) Roll the dice and stick w/ this box hoping for the best

I guess it's always a gamble when you purchase older cards that they won't be damaged/stuck together like this.  I'm really sorry, but I hope everyone understands I had no way of knowing this would happen.  Try to respond soon as I want to officially start this break this weekend.


  1. My vote would be Order a replacement box of something similar (i.e. another 1994 product)


  2. I second the replacement box idea. I'm not sure what prices are like, but Leaf, Pinnacle, Ultra, UD or Donruss from '94 would be great (just please stay away from Topps - I've got plenty of '90s Topps/Stadium Club). Or maybe a '95 Fleer box? Just some suggestions.

  3. That happens a lot with Ultra cards from that era also.I've had some nice inserts ruined that way.

  4. I'm up for the replacement box idea as well. Keeping it in the same era. I wish UV coating would just go away because of this issue. no one keeps their cards out where they can fade anyway.

  5. Maybe you can get a refund from the place that sold them to you and they can send you a replacement box from the same time period.

  6. I wonder if it is only jumbo boxes that that happens to, because I had the same problem with a jumbo 1995 Topps series one.

    I would prefer the replacement box (or the discount blasters depending on the sets) as well.

  7. I vote for getting a replacement box from the company you bought it from.

  8. My vote also goes for a replacement with something similar.