Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Group Break grows even larger!

My little girl is sick so I ran up to Target to grab some medicine for her and while there I saw one lone rack pack of these repackaged cards.  I saw BA Benny open one in his group break and it yielded a game used jersey card.  So I picked it up and will be adding it to the mix at no extra charge!

Ryan from "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog e-mailed me a few days with an idea for the break as well.  He's sending an assortment of packs he picked up at a dollar store to be included in the break.  I don't know what brands, sets, years or how many packs he is sending, but it equals more cards for everyone!

Lastly I placed the order for the two 1994 boxes of Fleer & Score Series 2 jumbo.  Perhaps we can get this underway late next week.  I doubt I'll do any video this time around - instead each packs contents will be typed up along with a few cards scanned in.  Any inserts (excluding parallels) will also be scanned.  I find that videos (long or short) are harder to sneak in when @ work, but quickly scanning a list over to see what you scored is easier and less noticeable to the bossman!

There is still plenty of time to jump in if you haven't already.  Lots of teams still available at only $7 bucks a team with each additional team only $5 bucks.

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