Sunday, March 13, 2011

Group Break - 1994 Score Series 2 Jumbo


Well the good news I guess is that I was able to salvage perhaps 35% of the cards out of the box.  All of the Boys of the Summer inserts came out of the packs perfect, but the one per pack foil Gold Rush parallels were simply to lost to include.  Some of the players that only showed up once I may have put in your team's stack just because.  I'm treating all of these cards as extras so if the condition isn't up to par then it won't hurt my feelings if you toss them.

 Some of the team highlights:

- Blue Jays - Like the Derrek Lee cards the Delgado cards unfortunately aren't pristine, but included.
- Dodgers - Good amount of cards including some Piazza cards.
- Orioles - Decent amount of cards, but no Ripken (perhaps he was in series 1?)
- Padres - Pulled a few of the Derrek Lee RCs, but most of them look like crap.  May send to the Cubbies.
- White Sox - Got a couple of Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson cards for you Jon.

Most of the other teams have 6-10 or so cards so at least everybody is getting something.  As for the inserts here is what we got:

#54 Darrell Sherman (Padres)

#51 Danny Bautista (Tigers)

#49 Pedro Martinez (Dodgers)

#52 Butch Huskey (Mets)

#53 Kurt Abbott (A's)

#50 Steve Karsay (A's)

Pedro is the best of the bunch by far so congrats to Dodgers!  All of the unclaimed Boys of the Summer inserts will be randomed off as well.

I'll try to do another round of loose packs (the ones Ryan contributed) on Monday or Tuesday afternoon at the latest.  The I'll try to update the tally list very soon.  I hope everyone is enjoying the break so far. 

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