Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage boxes Target?

Finding older discounted blasters @ Target is nothing new, but a vending box of '88 Topps?!  I made the obligatory stop by the card section the other day while running some errands for work only to find 3 boxes that seemed out of place.  One was the aforementioned vending box of 1988 Topps.  The others were 1990 Pro Set football and 1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball.  Each were marked with those large green $9.99 stickers.

I stopped by this same Target today and the Pro Set box was gone.  Guess with the NFL playoffs in full force someone was jonesing for some old school football cards.

Have any others found something similar at your local Target stores?


  1. Our local Target has nothing of this sort at all.

  2. I'll have to check. Our Kmart once had boxes of 1998 Collector's Edge, but they had them at face value.

  3. I saw a couple of Vending boxes ('88 and '90 I think) at the local Target a couple months ago. No price, no nothin'. I ignored them and they went away.