Friday, January 13, 2012

1 more Topps Diamond Giveaway code to reach 45

** UPDATE ** I finally hit 45!  Thank you everyone!

Thank you so much to the select few that have e-mailed me codes to help me reach 45.  I'm down to just 1 code away from 45.  Anyone that supplies this last code I need I will be more than happy to send you a few cards you want (as long as they aren't Braves!) from the Diamond Anniversary set.  Any takers?


  1. I just got one in a pack and was deciding what to do with it. I'll shoot you an email.

  2. Ughhh I need 7. I had no intentions of getting to 45, but last night i busted a hobby box and i think i need like 7. That's the perfect number between should I bother or is it a race to the 31st...i dunno what to do?

  3. I'll be more than happy to help you TheHitKing if I get more codes!