Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life and Baseball Cards...on top of a refrigerator

Early in December I got an e-mail from Life and Baseball Cards that he had a bubble mailer full of cards to send to me...but he misplaced it and only recently found it on top of his fridge!

When the package finally arrived a week or so ago I was surprised at just how much he was able to cram into a single bubble mailer.  The cards inside just about covered all of my collecting spectrum.  Baseball, football, a few basketball, wrestling and even some Marvel Comics cards!  I won't bore everyone with all the cards, but here are a few that jumped out at me.


I'm slowly working on this nice looking foil insert set from 2008 Topps.

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Delhomme was fun to watch because you never knew if he was going to throw for 4 TDs or 4 picks.  He had a "connection" with Steve Smith (not to mention their Bojangles commercials!) when he played for the Panthers.



LeFors was another NFL QB bust, but I'll still add these jersey cards to the Panthers collection.

2006 Press Pass DeAngelo Williams Paydirt

2006 Press Pass DeAngelo Williams Power Pick

I don't normally bother with the collegiate stuff unless it's NC State, but I really like DeAngelo Williams so these were a nice surprise.


Since I don't buy a lot of football packs I don't have a lot of cards of either Carson Palmer or Kurt Warner.  I especially like the Gridiron Kings Warner card.


Love me some old school basketball cards - especially old Charlotte Hornets cards.  I went to many games at the Hornets old arena affectionately nicknamed the Hive.  Burrell was a great small forward out of UConn I believe. The fact that this is a sticker card gets bonus points!


If the sheer amount of cards weren't enough this Marvel Comics sketch card was also included in the stack.  I wasn't sure at first glance it this was a genuine 1/1 at first.  I have a good knowledge of the Marvel Universe, but I can't quite identify this character.  Any one care to help me?

I need to get busy and pull some cards to send back to show my gratitude.  Thanks for helping me end 2011 on such a great note!

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  1. I love those shiny Topps Stars cards. Oh and I totally missed you Cheap Group Break post but just claimed my team and sent payment.