Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eli out, Cam in!

I usually don't bother to watch much of the Pro Bowl if any, but on the way home from work last night I heard the news that with the Giants' win over the 49ers Eli Manning is out of the Pro Bowl and this guy is taking his spot...

2011 Score Cam Newton Hot Rookies Glossy

Thanks to Julie from Things Are Funner Here for the glossy Hot Rookies card of Cam.  Congrats to Cam for making the squad.  I guess I'll be watching the game this weekend after all.  Perhaps he and Steve Smith can hook up for a long pass down field.


  1. As an Auburn fan, this couldn't make me happier unless Darvin Adams was the starting receiver.
    ---And Wes Byrum was the starting kicker. Maybe he can find a hole in Baltimore :)

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