Monday, January 9, 2012

Anyone got any extra Topps Diamond Anniversary codes?

** EDIT ** I now only 1 codes to reach 45!

I found a code card today while packing up some loose packs to later be collated that I had not entered into the website.  That leaves me 7 codes/rings shy of the magic mark of 45 (I only have 1 duplicate ring to trade at the moment - Red Sox).  It might be a stretch, but I figured I'd check to see if anyone still has any unused codes they don't want.  If you do please leave a comment and we'll try to work something out.


  1. I am in need of 2 more to get to 45, any that I get over that are yours.

  2. Colbey, I have one that you can have....send me a quick email today when you get a chance...

  3. If I'm able to trade my rings (I already got my set), I'll be happy to send 'em to whoever needs 'em. We just have to work out the logistics.