Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February 2012 Affordable Group Break featuring 2012 Topps! Sign up now!

February's break will include 2 boxes - 2 teams for $15.00.  That's less than the price of a blaster!

2012 Topps Jumbo HTA
10 packs per box, 50 cards per pack
- 1 auto per box & 2 relics per box

2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom (hobby)
20 packs per box, 12 cards per pack
 - 3 autographed relic and or relics per box

In an effort to make sure the entire break is filled up we'll be going with the format of choose 1 team and have a 2nd team randomly assigned.  Of course you are welcome to trade teams after all the teams have been assigned.  Just make sure that you let me know so you get the correct cards.  Each slot will be $15.00 shipped.  After all 15 slots are filled the unclaimed teams will then be randomized and assigned to each participant.

To claim your team please leave a comment with your requested team(s) and then please submit your gift payment via PayPal to cardboardcollections at  Due to PayPal cracking down on gift payments PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE SUBJECT LINE OR COMMENT BOX!  Please e-mail me your full mailing address and the team you claimed after payment is sent.

01) Atlanta Braves (Cardboard Collections) (PAID)
02) Baltimore Orioles (Justin G.) (PAID)
03) Texas Rangers (Play at the Plate)
04) Toronto Blue Jays (moremonkeys138) (PAID)
05) Colorado Rockies (hiflew) (PAID)
06) New York Yankees (NY Hitman 23) (PAID)
07) Cincinnati Reds (Potch) (PAID)
08) Philadelphia Phillies (daddyohoho) (PAID)
09) San Francisco Giants (arpsmith) (PAID)
10) St. Louis Cardinals (IkesCards) (PAID)
11) Boston Red Sox (jaybarkerfan) (PAID)
12) New York Mets (TheBrooklynMet) (PAID)
13) Milwaukee Brewers (cynicalbuddha) (PAID)
14) Washington Nationals (Cool Breeze) (PAID)
15) Cleveland Indians (Baseball Dad) (PAID)


  1. I would like the Phillies please.

  2. Payment sent for the Yankees! Thanks!

  3. I am in for the Giants, payment coming later tonight.

  4. Hey, I'll take the Mets! Payment in a minute.

  5. Hey colbey I'll take the Brew Crew like usual. You should have payment in a moment.

  6. And holy crap, I just read your RTR post. That's freaking insane! You need to do a post of you card collection too, I didn't see it anywhere in your toy room except for the small Braves display.

  7. Wow, nice that filled up quick! Now all we can do is wait till Series 1 is release at the end of the month.

  8. Sorry for spacing on making my payment. Just shot you over the paypal.