Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Topps Laziness / Beautiful Tim Hudson

My promise to you.  I will not flood this blog with post after post after post of 2012 Topps.  Outside of my pending group break I plan to keep the 2012 Topps post minimal.  That said I wanted to share this.

I watched Chris Olds' Beckett video the other day on YouTube and I was happy to see an awesome card of Craig Kimbrel hunched over on the mound getting ready to throw some gas.  Later on in I ran across a different card of Kimbrel in his sharp red jersey.  Since Topps hasn't released anything about the SPs I thought maybe, just maybe I got lucky.  Turns out the red jersey is #87 while the latter is #20.

The thing that got me all worked up however is the back of the card.  Just take a look.

Do you see what I see?  It's the exact same card back!  C'mon Topps.  I'm glad you made 2 Kimbrel cards, but couldn't you at least come up w/ a different back?  Perhaps a brief story on how he won the NL Rookie of the Year award or something?  Heck, I'd even take a write up of his and the Braves September collapse!

However all is not lost.  Topps redeemed their selves with this awesome photo of Tim Hudson.  I will be chasing the rainbow.

It is evident in my opinion that Topps has upped the quality of the photography for this year's flagship set.  I've seen lots of great play at the plate action shots among others already.

Back to the Huddy card.  I wish they would've made mention of the game he hit this homer he's starting at.  I'd even take a card with his batting statistics.  Now that would be a "game changer".


  1. the kimbrel backs is kinda upsatting...

  2. I however will make no such promises. Bring on the Group Break!!!!

  3. They did this last year, too - the Topps ASR team gets a subset and a regular card, but the subset isn't any different on the back. Out of all the things people are complaining about - squirrels and photoshopped unis don't impact me - this may be the one thing I really don't like!

    (note - this post from lifetimetopps, can't get open ID to work for wordpress)

  4. Kimbrel is on the front of one of the checklist cards too. I know I've got 3 different pictures of him from 2012 Topps so far