Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2012 Group Break - 1998 Pinnacle Performers

PhotobucketNext we'll take a look at a few packs of 1998 Pinnacle Performers.  I'm not really sure what to expect here so let's get ripping.  8 Cards per pack.  There are several insert sets and the wrapper just gives an overall odds of 1:3 packs.

Pack 1:
#037 Gary Sheffield (Marlins)
#045 Raul Mondesi (Dodgers)
#134 Carl Pavano (Expos)
#048 Pedro Martinez (Red Sox)
#047 Jose Canseco (Blue Jays)
#042 Wade Boggs (Rays)
#127 Brad Fullmer (Expos)
#106 Shannon Stewart (Blue Jays)
#042 Mark McGwire - Swing for the Fences

Each pack contains a Swing for the Fences game card.  Some of the cards just feature a point value while others feature a player like Big Mac.

Pack 2:
#097 Todd Walker (Twins)
#011 Juan Gonzalez (Rangers)
#006 Mike Piazza (Dodgers)
#139 Frank Thomas (White Sox)
#028 Jaret Wright (Indians)
#072 Matt Williams (Diamondbacks)
#132 Abraham Nunez (Pirates)
#111 Livan Hernandez (Marlins)
#033 Andres Galarraga - Swing for the Fences (Braves)

It appears there is a subset called Far & Away.  Nice deviation from the base design.

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  1. That's a beautiful Big Cat card. Just an awesome pick up Colbey.