Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cardboard Highlights: 1981 Arby's Otis Nixon

I want to try and start a new feature here on the blog simply entitled Cardboard Highlights where I pull cards from my personal collection to share with everyone.  For this first post we have an interesting minor league card.
I ran across this card the other day while surfing the 'net and I had to have it.  I love odd ball cards, especially food tie-ins.  Not only do I love me some Arby's, but I loved watching Otis Nixon play during his Atlanta Braves days.  I knew nothing of this card upon purchasing, but thanks to Google I now know it's from 1981 and Nixon is pictured in a Nashville Sounds minor league uniform.  Don Mattingly was also a teammate that year!  What I couldn't find was a checklist for this set.  Can anyone point me in the direction of a checklist?

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  1. Hey Colbey I found a checklist here.. Looks like this was a team issue set. With the set being worth about 25 bucks most of that is for the Mattingly card.

  2. Hey I also found this site but it has the Mattingly missing from the list. Odd.

  3. Without needing to click a link:
    #1 Rod Boxberger
    #2 Pat Callahan
    #3 Nate Chapman
    #4 Brian Dayett
    #5 Dan Hanggie
    #6 Curt Kaufman
    #7 Dan Led Duke
    #8 Don Mattingly
    #9 Willie McGee
    #10 Mike Morgan
    #11 Otis Nixon
    #12 Erik Peterson
    #13 Brian Poldberg
    #14 Bob Jamison
    #15 Frank Ricci
    #16 Wes Robbins
    #17 Buck Showalter
    #18 Roger Slagle
    #19 Jeff Taylor
    #20 Steve Taylor
    #21 Rafael Villaman
    #22 Jamie Werly
    #23 Ted Wilborn
    #24 Manager,Trainer and Coaches
    #25 Team Photo

    The 2009 SCD Standard Catalog lists the value of the set at $11.

  4. I loved watching that old dude play.