Thursday, January 26, 2012

NC State Wolfpack looking to knock off rival UNC Tarheels tonight

I don't make a lot of noise about being an NC State fan, but I'm pumped for the basketball game tonight on ESPN between my Wolf Pack and #8 UNC Tarheels.  I'd say more, but the game is on and my Pack are off to a rough start.  Later!


  1. not a good start for the Pack - heels are tough!

  2. That 3 at the buzzer has been the lone bright spot. Leslie is simply owned by Henson.

    1. It has been ugly. At least Wood's jump shot is coming alive.

  3. twice as many rebounds as us! i think we are headed in the right direction but we are not ready for the big boys. luckily this year, if we beat who we should (GT), we will have a good year.