Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pack Break - Panini Hello Kitty

Yes.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  This post is about Hello Kitty.  "What's this all about?"  "Why is Hello Kitty showing up on this manly (mostly) baseball card blog" you may be wondering.

The answer is easy - my 2 year old daughter.  While she may not be old enough yet to enjoy sports and sports related trading cards I can enjoy sitting down with her and her sticker album.  I believe Hello Kitty makes the third Panini sticker album we've bought for her (Tinkerbell was the first and the Disney Princesses was the 2nd).  It's a lot of fun for her and for me.  I get to share a little piece of my collecting with her.  Besides - it could always be worse.  At least she didn't ask for the Justin Beiber sticker album!  Although I fear that one day may happen.  Please pray for me now!

Like most of the Panini sticker products the stickers are sold in packs containing 7 stickers for the low price of $1.00.  As a parent I like this price point.


Judging by how fast these have been selling in my area I'm going out on a limb and say this release has been a hit for Panini.  I'm also guessing there are more people older than my 2 year old that are collecting these too.


The sticker in the upper left corner is a fabric sticker.  I first saw these used in Panini's NBA effort last season.  My daughter got one of these in an earlier pack and loved it.  Shoot - who am I kidding.  She loves ALL the stickers!

Are any of my fellow blogger dads collecting cards and or stickers with your kids?


  1. Why did I just read this entire post? because I am in the same spot you are...We buy a lot of the Disney trading cards...she also gets a lot of my topps in peace doubles

  2. I buy them for my 9 year old daughter and my 16 year old daughter steals dupes from her so age is apparently not a factor. I also bought my 7 year old son the Cars 2 ones. It was attempt to get them collecting something.

  3. I am collecting them myself, and I have a bx of abooout 300 duplicae stickers

    1. Hi tgpi, I know your post is a long time ago lol put do you collect any of the other HK Pinini? I just started but have 2 sets with many duplicates if your interested in trading and if this post somehow finds you lol Thanks