Thursday, January 5, 2012

Group Break 2nd team randomization

Alright everyone.  It's time to take the unclaimed teams and toss them into and see which team we end up with as our 2nd team.  I have a hard time getting good screen captures, but here is what I'm doing.  I've listed each team not claimed as #01-15.  I'll hit the random button three times and go with the final results.  If you were the 3rd person to sign up (see original post for the order of sign ups) then you'll get the team listed 3rd after randomization.  Make sense?  Here is the list prior to hitting the button.

...and the final results!

If don't have a magnifying glass here are the results:

There were 15 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. A's - Cardboard Collections
  2. Angels - Scott Crawford
  3. Tigers - daddyohoho
  4. Reds - NY Hitman 23
  5. White Sox - D a V e
  6. Padres - Jason
  7. Rays - Josh D.
  8. Mets - arpsmith
  9. Orioles - Spiegel83
  10. Rangers - Kyle4KC
  11. Pirates - daily dimwit
  12. Cardinals - hiflew
  13. Diamondbacks - Matt Perry
  14. Twins - cynicalbuddha
  15. Marlins - cardanathema
Of course trading is encouraged.  Please just make sure to let me know who is trading so I get you the right cards!  UPS should be delivering the boxes as early as this weekend so I hope to get the ball rolling thereafter.  I'm not planning on doing video for these as the past consensus has been that a pack by pack result is the preferred choice.  So unless I hear otherwise that is what I'll be doing.  Stay tuned as the fun will begin soon!


  1. Sweet I got the you just have to get one of the two JD Drew Authen-Kicks autos #'d to 8.

    Not holding my breath, but that would be a great pull.

  2. Awesome! I should end up with a stack of Cal Ripken cards.

  3. Anyone want the Pirates? *crickets* Anyone? Haha...

  4. Dimwit, I'll take the Pirates if you want the Marlins. If not, the Marlins are also up for grabs is anyone wants them.

  5. ca, I would take the Marlins if you wanted the Devil Rays.

  6. Awww man, I was hoping for the Twins for the potential Ortiz cards. Budda, I don't suppose you'd be interested in the D'Back?

  7. Josh, if DD doesn't want the Marlins for the Pirates I will gladly trade for the Rays.

  8. Dave - interested in the Rangers for the White Sox?

  9. cardanathema, I'd gladly take the Marlins for the Pirates!

  10. DD - Awesome, I'll send an email to let Colbey know. Thanks!