Saturday, January 15, 2011

Group Break - Final Results & Drawings

Each team did pretty good, though some times did receive more base cards and inserts than others.  If your team had several inserts/parallels pulled (like the Yankees) then that participate isn't in the drawing for the inserts of the teams not claimed.  Don't worry though if you think your stack of cards is too small...I've hand picked several cards to add to just about everyone's stack!

We'll start the process for the Pro Sigs Bobby Abreu silver parallel:

Next is for the Pro Sigs Manny Ramirez silver parallel:

Next is for the Pro Sigs Mark Prior silver parallel:

Up next is the Pro Sigs Signature Sensations autograph:

For the Sports Illustrated inserts we'll throw just about everyone's name in the virtual hat.  Starting with the Barry Bonds Headliners.

Next is the Fleer SI Nomar Garciapara Headliners:

Next is for the Fleer SI Troy Glaus One to Watch:

Last insert to be raffled off this the Fleer SI Manny Ramirez Headliners:

I believe I have addresses for everyone so I'll start packing everything up this weekend.  Due to the NFL playoffs I won't be mailing anything out until early to the middle of next week.  RGB - send me the address you want me to ship to please.

I hope everyone enjoyed this break.  If you did make sure to spread the word on your blog.  I have so many ideas for future breaks and the more people that participate allows me to open more or better product.  If all things go as planned I'll be back sometime in February with another break.

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