Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Box Break - 2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo

Even though I asked for it I was still a little surprised when I opened the package that my mom would actually buy me a jumbo box of 2008 Topps Series 1 for Christmas.  My wife and family tolerate my hobbies, but outside my wife it's not that often that they support them.  Needless to say I was excited about getting the box for several reasons.  I'm not able to frequent the LCS very often so I haven't been able to open many hobby packs let alone jumbo packs.  I also decided late last year to build the 2008 set and I thought a jumbo box would give me a better chance at doing so.

We all know what the base cards and most of the inserts look like, but I wanted to share the 2 guaranteed hits as well as some of my favorite inserts that were in the box.

Right off the bat I got 1 of the hits in the first few packs.


Nice card, but I'm really not a Mets fan.  Offer me up something comparable of a Braves player or someone else I collect and it's yours!


I like the idea of the 50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team.  The cards have an older feel and it's a kick to see younger photos of players that are still going strong today.  Brian has a real baby face on this card!

Photobucket   Photobucket

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I really like the Trading Card History insert set.  While it may not be the most original idea it works.  The Ichiro card is awesome.  Being a fan of just about all things Japanese it's easily one of my favorites.  I always liked the design used on the Lincecum card.  The dual Braves card is a keeper and after holding the Justin Upton card where I can see the design up close makes me think I'm really going to like 2011 Topps Heritage this year.


And finally we have the last hit promised in the box featuring a purple jersey swatch of Todd Helton.  Nice card, but again not one I plan on keeping.  Are there any Colorado Rockies fans out there?

All in all I was very happy with the outcome of the box.  I did net a complete series 1 set so that was very cool.  The inserts and hits were pretty cool as well.  I'll be listing all the gold foil and gold bordered parallels as well as the 50th Anniversary All-Rookie and Political cards very soon if you want to trade.  These cards will be added to the sidebar under the Want To Trade? section.  I've got a box break for series 2 & Updates & Highlights coming soon.  I'll be updating my want list as I go along so if you have any extra 2008 commons let me know!

Box Recap:
Base - complete
50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team - 6
Gold Bordered - 3
Gold Foil - 20
Mickey Mantle - 9
Own the Game - 8
Political - 5 + 2 bronze parallels
Trading Card History - 9
Year In Review - 8


  1. Any chance that you got a double of cards 106 or 283? Almost three years later, I still need them for my set...I know I have some Braves to trade for them. email me at salsmanado at gmail if you have them.

  2. I'll have to find them but I'll look to see what I got.

  3. Looks like you did pretty good on that box. I like the jumbo boxes since you usually complete the set og come real close when you bust one. I have a 2005 Topps Opening Day Sean Casey jersey card if you're interested for the Castillo auto. Let me know.

  4. I am a Rockies fan and I love that Helton. I don't have a full pruple jersey card yet let alone one of the best Rocky of all time. I'll check and see if I have any Braves in my small jersey collection.

  5. Well I just checked and I don't have any Atlanta Braves jerseys, but I do have the following you might like.
    2010 Topps Boston Braves George Sisler manufactured hat patch /99
    2008 Topps Ichiro all star jersey /499
    2010 Topps Chipper Jones CYMTO original back.

    I would definitely part with one of them for the Helton.