Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Behind the scenes @ Panini America

While on Panini America's website today to redeem a autograph redemption card I got I noticed a new YouTube video. The video shows all the hits being placed into packs. I find the behind the scenes things really interesting and I like how Panini is posting several videos of their operations. The video is a little long, but take a look anyhow.

Can you imagine all of those autographed cards just sitting there? I know stolen toys of the production line in China is a big problem. What about employee theft of trading cards?


  1. Great Stuff! I worked in a machine shop years ago so it brings back memories.

  2. My buddy worked at a printing shop where they did Nascar cards with authentic stuff included. They had cameras pointed at them and had to sign releases. They also did a magic the gathering or pokemon series and some people got fired for stealing. Imagine saying that at your last interview. That you were fired from your last job for stealing hobby cards.