Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Huge Score for my Rey Ordonez Collection!

Years ago when I first started chasing all the cards I could find of Rey Ordonez I set out to make a checklist of all of his cards (minus 1/1s).  During that big task (who knew he had so many cards?!) I discovered he had a few Upper Deck SP buy back autograph cards.  At the time I didn't know much about these and to be completely honest I still didn't know much about them until a few days ago.  I ran across an auction on eBay for a Rey Ordonez 1997 SP buy back autograph!  I didn't waste any time in placing a rather decent bid.  A few days later and a few bids by others I got the sweet sweet notification e-mail that I won the card!  I quickly checked out and paid for the card and then came the downside to buying cards online.  Waiting.

I waited a few days and nothing.  Then I had to sit through a holiday waiting again since the mail didn't run.  Well the wait was finally over and it was worth it!  Behold...

Photobucket   Photobucket

Isn't it a beauty?  Hand numbered 03/40.  The card is part of the Marquee Matchups where the background is etched in silver foil.  The regular card itself is rather easy to find, but it's still a very nice insert.  The added autograph is the cherry.

The seller also inserted into the top loader this card that mentioned the buy backs were part of the 5th anniversary of SP (1997) and how the card was repurchased by Upper Deck from the hobby and hand signed by the player.  It also says the serial number on both cards are entered in UD's database at their home office and even gives a 1-800 number that you can call in and lay claim to the card so they can add you as owner of the card into the database.  Pretty cool...kinda like registering a star in your name.  I'm not sure if Upper Deck is still doing the whole registering your name thing since they lost their MLB license.

This has to be one of the best cards in my Ordonez collection and by the far the best card I've been able to add in recent memory.  His cards don't show up on the secondary market like they used to...especially the higher end inserts and autographs.  When they do the seller usually wants far more coin then I am willing to part with.

One more card to finally scratch off the want list...several more still to go.