Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Box Break - 2008 Topps Series 2 Hobby

Moving right along to 2008 Topps Series 2 now.  I bought this box for what I thought was a really cheap price from Blowout Cards after Christmas.  I really wanted to finish off the whole set so in the cart the box went.  After opening a jumbo box of series 1 it was fun to have more packs to open.  After all busting packs open is half the fun!  I didn't yield a complete set of base cards, but I was still happy with the out come.  While I'm not a fan of politics, I do like history so some of the non-baseball sets were still fun.  I don't have as many cards to share this time around, but the majority of the parallels and inserts will all be available for trade.  Click the link to the right in the sidebar for a complete list of base and insert cards available.

We'll start off with a black parallel that was in the very first pack!

#486 Javier Vazquez (20/57)
At least the black border looks great on a White Sox card.  Any takers for this card?  I also received a few other parallels that I was a little more excited to pull.

Gold Foil version
#490 (0486/2008)

One of my favorite baseball theme inserts are the Topps Stars.  The holofoil look coupled with the colors and overall design are nicely done.  This is one insert set I look forward to building.  Vlad here was just one of a handful that I pulled.


Only one guaranteed hit in this box and it ended up being a pretty good one.  At least the jersey swatch features a pinstripe...the plain white jersey swatches are just plain boring!

Box Recap:
Base -32 cards short

50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team - 7
Gold Bordered - 7
Gold Foil - 17
Historical Campaign Matchups - 8
Mickey Mantle - 2
Relics - 1
Topps Stars - 8
Trading Card History - 6
Year In Review - 6


  1. I can definitely help you out with this set. I may even be able to finish it off for ya. Let me see what I can do.

  2. Let me know what you need for this set. I have a ton of cards that can possibly help you out. In the mean time, I would be very happy if you included the Pujols gold card in a future package for me...hint..hint! Anyway, take care for now!