Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wishing I was as lucky as the Sewingmachineguy

I've been buying random packs and blasters here and there of 2010 Topps Magic Football since it was released.  With each pack I rip I keep hoping to be as lucky as the Sewmachineguy.  So far I haven't been that lucky, but I finally got a hit out of one of the retail packs.


All I said was that it was a hit...didn't say it was a great hit!  I'd like to trade the card for a Panthers auto from Magic if anyone out there has one.  Or if you really want the card just make me an offer.

I am building this beautiful set so if you can help me with this click the link to my want list in the side bar to the right.


  1. Ha! It is a fun set to rip packs of.
    That Berry auto should be called a certified initials card. E.B.? Really? Just E.B..

  2. im interested in that berry...your want lists arent opening...don't know if i have one card of equal value, but might be able to put together some volume...your want lists aren't opening up...i have a berkman 08 heritage cc relic (with a stripe) then could try to put together a lot based off your wantlists...let me know dfwbuck(at)aoldotcom

  3. hey colbey. Got my cards in the mail today thanks. I'm planning on putting this set together too but I'm probably going to wait till hobby boxes come down a bit and maybe buy few blasters if I can find them. I'll let you know.

  4. We have almost unlimited amounts of Topps Magic to trade. We opened 2 cases and will trade very much in your favor if you can help us finish another master set! We'll send an email your way when the sorting is all done! -Andy